All Scout Selections – 15U National Championship at Nashville, TN (July 14-18, 2021)

July 14-18, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearNotes
LandonCorum2024 Vipers – Christopher202477-81 // short arm path, stays online, quick to the plate, +futue velo, +future grade // long underdelopped frame
ChristianKiper2024 Vipers – Christopher2024LHH easy swing, simple load and step to fire, finds barrels, “3rd hard shot of the day”, smooth swing, long through zone
DavisGunn2024 Vipers – Christopher2024RHH line drive double to left center gap // ++swing, stays though ball very well, good transfer of energy into lead foot while keeping head moving forwardn+PWR,
DevinMcINerneyArsenal USA (OH) 20242024RHH easy swing, loose hands that are quick through the zone // plays with some swagger // +balance/throughzone
KeenanBriggsBowling Green Barons2024Pitcher only has one arm. FB: 74-75; CB: 66 // stays online very well // good frame
MarkRoss IIBros BaseballHR, 2 doubles, Kid can swing it
LochlanHanselCanes Kentucky MortonFB:70’s pushing 80; CB: upper 60’s to 70.
ChaseVanAmeydeD Las Vegas 20242024RHH ATH body, easy smooth swing, quick out of the box,
HaydenBourdreauDetroit Metro Stars BlueThrows out kid stealing. Solid pop time and good receiver/blocker.
JacobBunchDownriver Diamond Kings2B down RF line
DawsonClevelandDulins Dodgers – (TX) 2024 – Silva2024RHH easy swing, hands right to ball w force, balanced w quick hands
EvanGuerreroDulins Dodgers – (TX) 2024 – Silva2024easy pop RHH, extra smooth simple swing, ATH M frame body w room to dev and grow, 3 shot hr// light footed
HunterFrancisDyno Nobel Dynamite2024RHH with line drive single // plus wing / +speed, 8.45 to 2nd on stand up double
ConnorCobbEast Cobb AstrosNationally ranked SS.
LantzShirkEast Cobb AstrosFB: 80-82; CB: 68-70; SL: 74-76
JosephMoreraFive Star MidsouthFB: 80-81 T-83; CB: 67-70; SL: 74-75
AndrewMillerHounds Baseball2024RHP +mech +intent // large body and uses it well, throws a heavy arm side run fb // falls off and doenst get great extension VELO??
CooperMarrsHounds Baseball2024FB 78-79 SL 68-69. 3 IP, 7 K. // Atheltic swing, keeps it simpl, can hit the other way, knows how to control the bat in the zone
JaredNethercutteHounds Baseball 15UHigh 70’s to low 80’s
NoahNixIllinois HUskersRHP, big frame, seems to ahve good offspeed that he throws w confidence. +mech, +online // slow, but gets good swing to other way. +future grade
LuanOsmaniIllinois PremierThrows a lot of off-speed. FB: 74-75; CH: 65-66
DaleGroff, Jr.Indiana LasersRHH with single to CF // Tall lanky rhp with easy velo. +mech with lots of arm side run meaning he gets decent extension.
KaydenKirtleyIndiana LasersHard line drive to right // quick bat through the zone, quick hands
MaxwellHammondJim Warren 13U Elite hurricanesLHP side arm very whippy, heavy fb
BaretSpencerJim Warren 15U ArsenalRHH quick hands to ball, single rbi other way
LoganRipperJim Warren 15U BrosRHH +swing, quick hands through zoen
JohnGreenwoodJim Warren 15U DynastyLHH, big ath looking frame, double to left center, back spin line drive, stayed through, let the ball travel
GavinKuzniewskiJim Warren 15U Indy SharksRHP +mech +drive, 3/4 arm slot throws scross body// good run and seems to be throwing strikes // VELO??
JackRupeJim Warren 15U South KnightsRHH +intent +mech +drive, whippy arm has heavy FB w armside run // long ath body, quick twitch // looks like he is throwing hard // + command // could have better finish/extension would get more run and higher velo // VELO??
EastonLugisJim Warren 15U Southern Indiana LegendsLHH, flat bat through zone, double to oppo field w power, quick hands stays through ball well
ZacharyBrookshireKentucky CanesRHP “upper 70s, touching 80” // RHP, thick lower half, ++mechanics/reach/drive/balance/extension/ poise/ online and pumps zone
JaylenEdmondsKentucky CanesRHH, easy swing, +balnce, smooth runner (TT2nd on triple was 9.3) +speed +ATH. // standing RBI triple // 9.2 TT2nd on double // stays through ball well, can go to al fields
KrittKentucky Canes BarteFB: 74-75; CB: 66-67
RogersKobesKentucky Canes MortonRHP long body, +mech, +online
MaddoxMeeksKnights 15U South74-76, sl 67-69 (hard slider), “3 scoreless to start the day” // RHP, smooth +mech, good tempo in wind up, easy arm action with good balance through out (low hands)
LandonHumphreysKnights Baseball 15U PlatinumFB: 77-79; CB: 70-71
CarterDavisKnights Baseball 15U PremierFB: 76-78; CB: 59-60
OwenBlockKnights Baseball 15U PremierFB: 81-82 T: 83; CH: 72-73
GriffinDeVooghtLCB Legends Black2024FB: 71-73; CB: 57-58. 5 shutout innings, can mix offspeed in any count. // RHP + mech, room to grow, good extension // got a few barrels at the plate showing he could go the other way with ease
RJ (see KEJON WOOD??)WoodMayhem Baseball AcadmeyRHH, ++swing, stays through bal well (see back knee). quick explosive out of the box // will be able to stay to all fields with that swing // 2rbi single //
BRADENWilliamsMayhem Baseball Acadmey2023Strong velocity // easy effortless delivery, good armside run on fastball // 78-81 CB 68-72) // gets a lot of strikeouts // +online/extension
JakeNuttallOakland Bulldogs 15u2023RHP large frame with explosive down hill intentional delivery +mech, armside run on fb
KnoxRobertsRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2024RHH +swing, +balance/through zone/quick hands
TristenSeputisRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2023LHP ok mech, +future grade // stays online well // drives well off the mound (side view) // “6th strikeout”
ColtSeilerRawlings Tigers- Cartwright2023RHP +mech, +cb,
JulianHornerService Baseball – DevGru2023RHH, ath hitter, barrel finder, balanced // RHP ++mech +intent, strong drive, good extension with good armside run, putting up Ks,
ShaneCarrollService Baseball – DevGru2024RHP high leg kick // flexibility and balance in motion // good arm action, +mech +command // VELO??
DominicMonacoShowcase 15U Rose2024LHP tall and long, very lanky, over top motion, heavy fb, controls the zone // +overtop mech + online // explosive drive from balanced leg lift
JohnnyPfefferleShowcase 15U Rose2024RHH Atheltic load (brings left all the way back to to right before stried out) gets hands and weight back, stays balanced and drives lower half down and through the ball +swing, visually appealing swing
PrestonGentryShowcase 15U Rose2024RHP ok mech, 5 scoreless for the win // +future grade // knows how to make pitches and get outs // patient wind-up, good drive and change of speed down the mound.
AnthonyPesciSouthwest Oakland Warriors2024LHH // large atheltic frame. very easy “through the zone” swing. // smooth tap load, swings a heavy fast bat through the zone // RHP fluid motion could get better finish and intent // pitching: +mech, whippy arm action FB mid 70s // +future grade // very easy swing
RyanSommerSouthwest Oakland Warriors2024LHH thick frame // +swing, stays through well, easy pop rbi double to left center //
JimmyAndersonTop Tier South2024FB: 72-73; CB: 56-57 // RHP tall long +mech, smooth delivery // +future grade // underdevellopped physically
JakeGimbelTop Tier South2024LHP fb 76-78 T80, cb 65, ++mech +intent, competes on the mound, good armside run,
BryarHouseholderTriple Crown Royals2024RHP XL thick frame, +mech +intent and drive, has good change of speed, stays online well // covers 1b well on ball to right side
GregKennedyTriple Crown Royals2024RHP +mech, +online, overtop motion, easy velo // decent break on cb // +future grade (development)
SamTongolTriple Crown Royals2024LHH, +swing, hands strigh tto ball, line drive on elevated fastball w ease
CorbinReedUSA Prime MI – Stapf2024RHP sharp heavy curveball // +mech, easy smooth velo
GavinDarlingUSA Prime MI – Stapf2024RHP large frame, stays in legs well, locked velo (bad finish), +mech, competitor on the mound //
BrandonNewlandUSA Prime MI – Swanson2024FB: 77-78 T: 80. No off-speed. Just fills the zone with FB.
CARTERIHLERWARRIORS BASEBALL CLUB2024FB: 67-70 T74; CB: 57-60. Very solid pitcher
JaxonHenkeWolfepack2024RHH +easy swing, good knee drive through zone to allow him to get good pop to opposite field.
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