All Scout Selections – 17U National Championship – Xavier University (July 21-25, 2021)

July 21-25, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearScout Notes
IVANSALINAS17U Michigan Wildcats2022Square stance with short load and stride. Line drive approach and barrel stays in zone for a long time
GavinHampton17U Michigan Wildcats20226-0, 165 pound catcher. Pop time- 2.04-2.07; Arm: 77; Exit: 83; 60: 7.21. Starts with open stance and has controlled load and closes up with load. Line drive approach. Very projectable at the plate.
CameronMilroy5 Star Great Lakes Chiefs 2022 Black2022CG, W, 7 IN, 2 H, 2 R (0 ER), 10 K, 2 BB
NathanTyrpin5 Star Great Lakes Chiefs 2022 Black2022
IanVan Beek5 Star Great Lakes Chiefs 2022 Black2022Effortless, well-connected delivery. Throws out of high 3/4 arm slot. FB has depth and CB breaks hard and late on downward plane.
ZacharyMoenart5TB-17U Hooven2021High 3/4 delivery. Ability to pitch out of trouble.
AndrewBarneyArsenal USA (OH) 20222022
AndrewTrybusArsenal USA (OH) 20222022
NikoKreuzerArsenal USA (OH) 20222023
GarrettHelselArsenal USA (OH) 20222022
JoshFurtadoAt The Yard Baseball Club20226-0, 170 pound MIF/OF. 60: 7.37; IF Arm: 80; Exit velo: 88. Open stance, compact load, short stride to initiate swing. Line drive approach.
KiernanGeraciAt The Yard Baseball Club2022Fires no hitter with 7 K’s and goes 3-for-4 at the plate.
TannerJacksonAt The Yard Baseball Club2022
JacobKeithCanes Kentucky Young6-0, 160 pound OF/RHP. 60: 6.81; OF Arm: 84; Up to 88 on the mound. Effortless delivery with 3/4 arm slot. FB is heavy with depth and breaking ball breaks hard and late.
MarksnowdenCBC Blackhawks 2022-Snowden2022
TyBrennerCBC Blackhawks 2022-Snowden2022
JakeTschidaCBC Blackhawks 2022-Snowden2022
KaydenCampbellCincinnati Aces2022Louisville commit. 6-2; 185 pound LHP. Arm action is high 3/4 to over the top. FB has depth and explodes out of his hand. Slider is dirty and blows hitters up.
BenBochenekCincy Flames2022RHH with short stride and line drive approach.
AdamFrumpCincy Flames – Kirschner2022Tall and fall guy. Shows a lot of effort in his delivery. FB is straight.
LukeMilanovichColumbus Sharks2022
SantoScilliaColumbus Sharks2021
BenNicholsColumbus Sharks2022
JakeFahertyCommonwealth 17U Xpress Blue2021Arkansas commit. Effortless, explosive delivery from low 3/4 arm slot. Ball explodes out of his hand on hitters. FB with armside run and wipe out slider.
JustinRitzDayton Classics Roush 17u2022Effortless delivery with 3/4 arm slot. Ball seems to jump on hitters quicker that his 76-79 reading. FB has armside run.
ConnorBucherDayton Classics Roush 17u2022Smooth, effortless delivery with 3/4 arm slot. Commands FB on both sides of the plate.
WillBakerDemand Command Higgs2022High 3/4 arm action. FB is on downward plane with depth. 5-11, 155 pound LHP/OF. Tall and fall with clean arm action.
LoganGregorioESP Select6-0, 185 pound catcher. Pop: 2.10-2.23; Arm: 75; 60: 7.74. LHH with a smooth load, short stride and quick hands (bat). Looks to drive the ball from gap to gap.
PeterMessinaESP Select6-0, 190 pound OF. 60: 7.02; Arm: 76; Exit: 92. Wide, balanced stance with minimal load. Looks to drive line drives from gap to gap.
NatePittsGRA Pitts 17U2022
CorbinFletcherHits presents Yall’s Elite2021
DrewHackHits presents Yall’s Elite2022
DrewLanningHits presents Yall’s Elite2022Max effort delivery with solid FB with armside run. Breaking ball is firm and breaks hard and late.
HunterNicholsHouston Bengals Baseball2022
TravisBraggHouston Bengals Baseball2022
LoganChristophelImpact Baseball2022Smooth delivery with low 3/4 arm slot. FB with armside run and CB breaks hard and he throws it for strikes.
LukeSoultzIndiana Prospects Roach 17U20226-1, 170 pound MIF/CF. 60: 7.29; Arm: 79; Exit velo: 86. Starts with a slightly open stance. Does not close all of the way on his short stride. Load is long and almost arm bar on front arm. Swing path is a little long, but does have some pop when he finds the barrel.
BennettMyersKBC 17U Prime2022
HaydenSmithKBC 17U Prime20226-0; 185 pound LHP who is Kentucky commit. FB has been up to 87; CB: 69-73. Long and loose arm action with 3/4 arm slot. Has a chance to continue to add velocity.
SilasShafferKBC 17U Prime20226-2, 170 pound catcher. Pop: 1.94-2.03; Arm: 78; Exit velo: 91; 60: 7.39. He has been up to 87 on the mound. Balanced stance with athletic approach and short stride. Barrel is on plane consistently. Line drive approach.
ClayEmeighLegacy Baseball – Ford20226-0; 180 pound MIF. 60: 6.95; IF Arm: 83, Exit velo: 96. Athletic stance with controlled load and leg kick to generate swing. Above average bat speed with upward swing and high finish.
DominickSloneLegacy Baseball – Ford2021RHH with upright, balanced approach. Looks to pull and lift. Ball explodes when he finds the barrel.
GriffinKilanderMichigan Bulls 17UCommitted to Wayne State. 6-5, 178 pound RHP with easy effort, low 3/4 delivery. FB jumps on hitters with armside run. Wipe out slider.
LoganVan SicklenMichigan Bulls 17U5-9; 205 pound C/RHP. Pop: 1.94 – 2.02; Catcher Arm: 83; 60: 7.04. Max FB: 90; CB: 73-75; CH: 75-80. On the mound he works out of the stretch and shows a powerful lower half generating power and drive down the mound. Small sharp break on curve ball down and away from RHH. Change is effective pitch because it is thrown with same arm speed and angle as FB. At the plate he has a wide base and keeps his weight back on his back leg. He generates pull-side power. Behind the plate he has quick hands during his transfer and does a good job of gaining ground on his target with his lower half. He has a very strong arm.
AlecBrewerMichigan Bulls 17USt. Claire Community College commit. 5-10, 140 pound MIF. IF Arm: 85; Exit velo: 84; Uses open stance and closes on load. Generates line drive power up the middle and to the pull side as LHH.
ColeRubnerMichigan Bulls 17ULHH with wide base and tap and go approach. Ball jumps off his bat to the pull side. Either Eastern Michigan or Akron commit.
CameronBensonMichigan Bulls 17UAkron commit. 6-2, 165 pound MIF prospect. 60: 6.79; IF Arm: 86; Exit velo: 93; Hits from left side with active, balanced stance and a controlled load. Explosive bat speed with level finish.
DerekMarinucciMichigan Bulls 17U5-11, 170 pound catcher. Pop: 2.06-2.10; Arm: 69: Exit velo: 84.
BrodySymsickMid Ohio Bullets2022Smooth, effortless delivery with 3/4 arm slot. FB has depth and CB is 12/6. 6-1, 200 pound RHP. Has been up to 84. Slow tempo type pitcher with high 3/4 arm slot. Easy effort to generate good velocity.
JoeTepperMid Ohio Bullets20215-11, 170 pound RHP. FB: 81; CB: 64-68; Exit velo: 85; IF Arm: 81. Balanced set up with knee pinch load. Hits the ball to all fields. Arm is whippy with higher velocities projected. FB is heavy down in the zone
BradyClarkMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout2022
CarterOwensMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout2022
EthanFainMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout2022
BenRankMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout2022
MasonPittmanMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout20225-10, 170 pound MIF. 60: 6.73; IF Arm: 74; Exit velo: 92. Slightly open stance with a tal and go stride. Short load and takes bath directly to the ball. Line drive approach with gap to gap power.
LarkinMcKeeMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout2022
JoshPedersonMidland Braves 17UClean mechanics with low 3/4 arm slot. FB has armside run and breaking ball sweeps the zone. More velo in the tank with better lower half mechanics.
JamesonRichmondMidland Braves 17U6-3, 215 pound LHH 1b committed to Louisville.
JaredTekeMidland Braves 17U5-10, 165 pound RHP. FB has been up to 89. CB: 75-79; CH: 83-84. Loose arm action with high 3/4 arm slot. Loose arm action, however some max effort in his delivery.
CharlieCriderMidland Braves 17UHas high 3/4 arm action with tall and fall type movement pattern. FB has depth and CB is 12/6 variety.
JacobHudepohlMidwest Nationals2022Shows some effort in his delivery. Throws from a high 3/4 arm slot. His fastball is flat and straight. CB is of 12/6 variety and has depth.
ChrisHerbertOhio EliteQuick arm with 3/4 arm slot. Easy delivery produces good velocity.
BradyBoltinghouseOhio Elite (Eurez)20226-3, 195 pound OF/RHP with projectable frame. 60: 7.6; Arm: 80; Exit: 92. He has a tall, slightly open stance and a quick load. Line drive approach and ball jumps when he finds the barrel. On the mound: FB: 81-83; CB: 71-73; CH: 70-73; SL: 68-69. 3/4 arm slot with a quick arm and good arm speed. All pitches have depth and pitches down in the zone.
LandonKempainenRed Seam Raiders-Kempainen2021
GavinKempainenRed Seam Raiders-Kempainen2021
JacobWaltherRed Seam Raiders-Kempainen2022
NickBakerRed Seam Raiders-Kempainen2022
PaulJonesRed Seam Raiders-Kempainen2022
PhilHamptonRed Seam Raiders-Kempainen2022
BryceHumphreySouthern Indiana Legends 20222022
TonyFalvoTriple Crown Royals 17u2022
NathanLeiningerTriple Crown Royals 17u2022
RobbieRitchTriple Crown Royals 17u2022
AndrewRustTriple Crown Royals 17u2022
ZacharyRustTriple Crown Royals 17u2022
NicolasVertikoffTriple Crown Royals 17u2022
HunterWrightU.S. Athletics – Eldridge20225-10, 170 pound 3B. IF arm: 79; Exit: 85. Slightly open stance with a quick load. Swing is a little long, but drives the ball when he finds the barrel.
WoodrowFosterWarriors Baseball Club – Sims2022
PaytonMesserWarriors Baseball Club – Sims20226-2, 170 pound, LHP/OF. 60: 6.81, OF arm: 85; Exit velo: 78. On the mound: FB: 83-85; CB: 73-74; CH: 74-76. Square stance with a “Chipper Jones” toe tap and go. Level swing and barrel stays in the zone for a long time. Gap to gap power with a line drive approach. Effortless delivery from 3/4 arm slot with that lefty armside run. Ball jumps out of his hand. Breaking ball is firm and not a lot of break, but enough to keep hitters honest.
TylerRennWarriors Baseball Club – Sims2022
ChristenRiekebergWarriors Baseball Club – Sims2022Some effort in the delivery, but still remains under control. FB is flat and straight. Hits with a slightly open stance and closes during stride and load. Looks to lift the ball from gap to gap. Plus bat speed.
JonahSarabiaWarriors Baseball Club – Sims20226-3, 195 pound RHP, Long loose, effortless delivery and velocity. Arm action is explosive and high 3/4
BradenTuckerWarriors Baseball Club – Sims2022
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