All Scout Selections – University of Louisville – The Mid-South All Prospect Select (June 24-27, 2021)

June 24-27, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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Parker Day (Hit after Hit Outlaws – Matthews, 2024, RHP): RHP 80-84, SL is sharp pitch too. Arm works though. Very clean mechanics and good direction down the mound. Can also hit too!

Knox Robert (Rawlings SE MAD Mavericks, 2024, 1B): RHH, kid can really swing it. Squares the ball up to all fields. Ball jumps off bat. Uses a good load and uses his leverage to get good extension though it. 2 hard contact singles back up the middle! Moves well around the bag at first. Plus plus bat speed for this age.

First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearPrimary PositionSecondary PositionScout Notes
SimonBargo5 Star Midwest 15U – Gullett2023SSSmooth fielding SS/3B. Plus arm and actions. At the plate has a good launch.
ZakSpurrierBB Young Guns 15U20243BRHPBig stronger RHP, looks the part. Very solid smooth easy delivery. Arm works well. Breaking ball is slurve like, doesn’t use it much.
GrigalisKBC PrimeLHH, good level swing. Ball jumps off his bats. Hit a 2B to RCF against a good arm. Swings it really well.
TylerAllemeierMidwest Astros Sullivan 15U20243B at PRP. Kid can swing the bat, looks the part at the plate with good leverage and level swing. Ball jumps off the bat. Kid can hit!!!
KeatonReeseRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2023RHP that shows a good life in the fastball. Good direction on the mound and has good feel for a breaking ball. Kid knows how to pitch. Good arm.
ChaseChamberlain2024 Vipers – Christopher2024RHPDecent framed arm. Looks to nibble a lit bit on the corners. Good projection though!! Going to continue to develop!
BrandonCrawfordEKY Crusaders2025RHPBig bodied RHP, good frame and good direction to the plate. FB pretty straight but good feel for SL and CH. Knows how to pitch. Big follow for this kid over the next couple years
JamesCerhaForce Ohio Kampman2024RHPLooks like a strong bodied RHP. Arm works well through for him. Much more in the tank. Breaking ball swing and miss, with also the ability to throw it for a K. Much more in the tank with this guy
AbeCrall5 Star Midwest 15U – Gullett2024RHPRJP good framed, arm works quick and he challenges guys. Throws strikes. Good framed arm works well has an idea of what is happening. More in the tank can really compete. Slurve is pretty tight for this age. Can throw it for a strike and also can bury it with 2Ks for the punch out.
LukeJilek5 Star Midwest 15U – Gullett2024Quick, athletic OF. 3B in the gap. Been continuing to impress me every all day. Another ball in the gap, plays hard in the field and really can run! Very utility type too can play OF/INF all over. Solid arm.
JackWills2024 Vipers – Christopher2024LHPLHP very good potential Arm works this kid will be low to mid 80’s soon. Has great direction on the mound legs and arm are very loose.
ConnorGullett5 Star Midwest 15U – Gullett20241B3B/RHPGood setup in the box, very balanced. Good leg kick load, uses the whole field. Playing at 1B in the field. Hard single on a line drive to the SS. Decent actions at 1B. Picks the ball well. Will follow
CameronSnider5 Star Midwest 15U – Gullett2024Good Level set up with a bit of an open stance. Gets into a good slot and loaded position. Hard barrel contact. Just missed a ball foul. Sometimes gets a bit too out on his front foot though.
EliPorter5 Star Midwest 15U – Gullett2024OFLHPSmall LHP with a quick arm action. Very whippy. Little herky jerky motion with a h 3/4 arm slot which helps the ball gets on the hitter quick. Breaking ball pretty decent.
BrodyBenke5 Star Midwest 15U Moeves2024RHPGood looking framed RHP, stabs the ball though, with a short arm action. Has good movement on the fastball with his two seamer. He will fill into his body and continue to get better
TalanSmith5 Star Midwest 15U Moeves2024RHPRHP good direction. Pounds the zone and competes very well. Can mix in 2-pitches for strikes and swing and miss. Falls off a little bit to the glove side but competes well. Will continue to get better as he gets stronger and more physical
CooperStephensAlpha Prime2024RHPRHP Arm works well. Good frame, throws two pitches for strikes. Good direction down the mound. Arm can be cleaned up a little bit. More in the tank!
MaddoxTarrenceBB Young Guns 15U2024CFLHPGood looking stick, easy set up and launch. Barreled ball up to LF. Really Good in the Outfield too. Gets good jumps on the ball in CF. Kid can really play! Continues to square up ball. Uses the whole field well.
JCMyersBlues 15 PrimeRHP good frame and direction to the mound. Kid knows how to pitch. Good frame more in the tank for sure. Works well to both sides of the plate.
KennedyCanes KY MortonVery Athletic, quick looking swing. Has plus bat speed at this level. Has some pop! Would like to see this in the field too.
ThomasRothCincinnati Raiders 20242024Big strong RHH at the plate, very good balance with a nice load and good extension through the zone. Good arm in RF threw well to the plate. Hit a double opposite field. Can play! Really like the way this kid plays!
GavinMeyerFlash Baseball2025RHPLanky Lean RHP arm works pretty well. Little bit of a head jerk type though which could cause some issues in the future. Looks the part though for a young one!
BrendenSmithFlash Baseball2024LHPLHP who has a good clean arm action on the mound. Ball explodes out of his hand. CB is pretty sharp and has good tight spin and gets outs! Will be a fun one to watch coming up in the future! Also very good hitter too took a mid 80s ball off the wall
SkylarDurhamFlying Squirrels Baseball Club2024Long loose left handed pitchers. Arm is very whippy. Good tall frame. Pounds the zone competes well. Lots of potential. Kid is 6’3″ 180. Live loose arm. Can throw to both sides of the plate. Does a good job one to follow for sure!
CarterCasabellaHit after Hit Outlaws – Matthews2024SSAthletic looking lean frame that has a good level swing thru the zone. Runs extremely well for his height. Moves fluid in the infield with solid actions. Arm is not there yet but could develop into more arm strength as he goes. At the plate very good level swing and sprays the ball over the field. ON the mound 70-72, CB 62-65
HobbyGriffinHit after Hit Outlaws – Matthews2024RHPGood looking frame with a lot of room to grow. Good direction down the mound with a FB is pretty straight. CB has decent depth to it but lacked control. He will be a good one to follow in the future.
AndrewNoblittJCards2024RHPDecent sized RHP. Arm works ok, ball comes out pretty clean. CB is pretty solid too. Good potential for this kid. Throws 2 pitches for strikes and also the breaking ball is a strike and swing and miss type of pitch.
Van HaarenKBC PrimeGood Framed RHP, looks the part. Very clean arm action and explodes out of his hand. very clean as it comes out.
LoweKBC PrimeOFDude flies. Little awkward swing but barrels balls up!! Ok arm but can really track the ball!
BerkleyBoundsKBC PrimeRHPRHP good looking arm but struggles with command. The potential is there for him to be a dude but it just has some command issues
ScilleyKBC PrimeGood framed RHP arm is fluid and clean. Great direction down the mound. FB works well pretty electric and whippy. Ball has some good run to it as well.
WillOrbersonKBC PrimeGood framed RHP arm is pretty electric stuff. Ball comes out nice and clean. Off speed is alright. A lot of potential with this kid.
TaylorPennKBC Prime2024RHPLong Loose whippy arm action. Ball comes out of his hand very clean. Lots of projection in this kid. As he gets stronger more velo will come. CB is a wipeout pitch, sharp and late break to it.
ParkerChaneyKBC Prime2024RHPArm works well. Good direction on the mound very clean mechanics. I feel like he’s going to be a guy in the field rather than on the mound!
WillObersonKBC Prime20243BRHPSuper athletic kid at 3B good level approach at the plate looks to drive the ball all fields. Very good potential on this kid.
TrentonCutwrightKBC PrimeQuick runner, good level approach at the plate.
LeightonHarrisKBC Prime2024LHPOFStud LHP up to 84 today, can really throw the ball. Guess he struggled a bit with command but very projectable. Comes out the hand nice and clean. Top Arm according to PBR. Could see this kid being a high arm coming out in this class. Can really swing it. Good level swing through the zone. Don’t know where I like him more.
BradyDavisKBC Prime2024RHPUL commit, freshman. Max effort FB delivery. But could potentially get more in him.
ZacheryRayyanKBC 15U Blue20241B3BGood looking strong swing level through the zone. Has a lot of pop for a 15 year old. Hit a HR at Eastern in game one. Barrels balls up! Could work on using the whole field more but very good pop at this age. Keeps swinging! More of a 1B, but as he fills in, maybe a 3B. Arm works decent across the diamond
MerrickGrahamKBC 15U Blue2023RHPRHP has good direction on the mound. Looks the part. Breaking has a sharp and late break to it. Follow! Swing and Miss Breaking Ball Plus Plus Pitch. Pithing in semi final gained some velo jump the last couple of days.
CameronSullivanMidwest Astros Sullivan 15U2024Stud arm electric out of hand. Comes out clean. Very impressive to see at this age. Will be signed very soon my guess.
NathanCrissMidwest Astros Sullivan 15U2024LHPLoose arm mechanics are clean lots of high ceiling in him. Lots of good upside. Kid could potentially be really good soon.
KadenWilksRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2023CDoes a good job receiving and blocking. Kid understands how to call the game back there. Hit HR at Spalding in tournament kid can play. Best catcher defensively I’ve seen in this tournament. Decent at the plate but not great.
LakeMorrisRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2024LhpLhp has some looseness to him. Has more in him. Struggled with command but kid can pitch
HudsonBartonRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2024RHPRHP good framed dude that knows how to pitch. Mowing Guys down. Can pitch to both sides of the plate. Kid is a dude! Can really throw it!
PaytonPetersonRawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks2024LHPLHP who has good feel to pitch. Mixes in good FB command with a decent 12/6 breaking ball to keep hitters off balance. Mechanics are clean and has a lot more upside to him. Will make a jump soon.
TylerBiggsStorm Club20243BGood strong looking RHH. Very balanced at the plate and ball jumps off the bat to the pull side. Had hard single and double in the LCF gap at Spalding. Guy to watch for the weekend. Made some good plays at 3B, decent arm! Real deal! Kid can flat out play… came and watched he is real deal
TylerOliverThe Missouri Mariners-King20241BBig Body 1B. Doesn’t look like a 15 year old to be honest. Can really swing it. Plus Plus bat speed and plays well defensively around the bag. Plays very well. Likes what he does. With added strength he will be force
CamronCassoThe Missouri Mariners-King2024SS2BStud in the middle of the field. Dirt Dog mentality dives all over plays hard and understands how to play the games. Can really swing it too. Really good ball player. I like how he plays too.
AndrewOrschelnThe Missouri Mariners-King2023LHPSmaller framed LHP ball comes out pretty clean. Don’t know how much more he has in him. Pretty much max effort guy. No trust in his off speed.
MikeNealEKY Crusaders2024CGood looking catcher behind the plate. Understands how to control the running game and also has good blocking and receiving skills. At the plate good pop pulls off the ball just a tad though.
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