All Scout Selections – University of Notre Dame – The Great Lakes T.O.C. (June 17-20, 2021)

June 17-20, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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Jake Brown (RBA 16U Silver, 2023, RHP): FB 85-88 Topped 90, CB 70-74, SL 75-78. Tall strong build. Gets good extension out in front. Uses lower half well, allows arm to eat. In game one wasn’t being touched. looking for him to bounce back latter in the weekend. LHH RBI double to oppo gap. smooth swing from the left side. stayed on ball well.

Alec Hershberger (16U Blue Landsharks, 2023, LHP): Day one stats – FB 80-82, CB 66 with some decent arm side run to his FB. Day three he sat FB 81-85, CB 67-69.

First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearPrimary PositionScout Notes
ZachVriesengaRBA 16U Silver20231BFB 78-79, Topped 81. CB 70. Long body. has some good arm action and whip. CB is decent some 12/6 action.
BrandonSmithMichiana Scrappers 15U Gallo20241BLHH, Big stachutre kid. smooth swing from left side, Hit two run HR. PULL HEAVY HARD.
TylerGillisonArsnel USA (OHIO)1BMoves decent at first. Scored from 1st on a bunt and then an error. has good swing but has been HBP and BB. in two Abs. 2 rbi tripple in braket play
TarickMcGlothinMichiana Scrappers 15U Gallo20232BFB 77-80, CB 68-70, CH 62-64. Tight Spinning CV. Great control of his pitches. LHH AS WELL
ZachMathewsUSA Prime Michigan 16U – Peters2023CFB 71-73, CB 64. Decent delivery action. short arms his delivery. CATCHER POP 2.06 INBETWEEN INNINGS.Kicks one leg out while catching, recives the ball well.Has a hoes, threw runner out at home by 15 feet he was decently deep in RF when caught.
JethroHochstetler16U-Blue Landsharks2023C2.15 pop between innings, throw down to second from knees in game 1.7 safe. second throw down in 1st third casught stealing 1.9. Ropped single over 2b. good size kid.
NickLundArsnel USA (OHIO)CPOP 2.12Very good size body and build. went opo gap with a smooth swing, ball was cuaght but decent poke. next AB went pull side down 3B line past #rd baemen.
LukeByersOPS Blue Sox2023DHFB 76-81, CB 63, 67. Reaches way back and get lower half into it. arm catches up and get through fast. ball seems to get on you.
GavinBlackwoodDetroit Crush – 15U2023LHP
JakeMulvehillMichiana Scrappers 15U Gallo2024LHPLHP 77-79, CB 62. has some break. FB has decent moevement
DanielKirkOPS Blue Sox2023RFLHH weak line drive to CF on 85. decent poke over 2nd base. hsutle double out of the box, runs well.
ParkerSmithOPS Blue Sox2023RHPFB 76-78, Topped 79, CB 68. has some bite but more of a whipout CB.
EvanLopez16U-Blue Landsharks2023RHPFB 79-83 topped 84, CB 69. Decent comand of FB but got touch up by TC Threat in first. settled down in second. some action to CB but not sharp. Good mechanics and decent arm action working down hill with his frame. PITCHING SUNDAY . 79-81, CB 65.
PaulCrowhurst16U Prospects Xposure Red2023RHPFB 72-76 Topped 78, CB 62-66. looks to have a 3/4 arm slot. Cb has some action to it. video shows weak contact to 2b.
ColinKillianSouthlake Sabotage 16U2023RHPFB -76-77 topped 79, CB 67-68, solid pitcher good control, can see good Fb run in video.
GavinRedlinMaple CityRHPFB 77-78, topped 80, CB 62. Athletic body. some good arm action and snap coming out of the hand. Some good action on his CB wtih tight spin. ran into comand issuies in the third. walked several. worked out of it only giving up one. went 4.2 IP giving up 3.
JacksonPeelerTriple Crown Threat 16U2023SSSolid SS, made every play at him, two of which were back hadns in the hole. FB 75-79, CB 67-68
BrendanBurchTop Tier Michigan Baseball2022LHP FB75-77 CB 67-68 CH 64, Looks to be good 12-6 action on his Cb. seems to comand it effectivily.
LoganSchulerHeat Select Baseball (16U)2022
BraydenCoffey16u Indiana Twins2023RHP Fb 76-80, CB 66-72. decent action on CB. ball comes out of the hand well, solid mechanics. works down hill well with his body.
ThomasCastillo16U-Blue Landsharks2023FB 74-78, Athletic build and body. good release and mechancis. ball comes out of hand with some zip to it.
EthanLyonRBA 16U Silver2023FB 82-84 CB 70-73 CH 75-77
EliWidemanLand Sharks Black 16U2023Fb 77-79 CH 72-73, only threw to two batter in game one. Game Two: FB 79-80 Topped 81, CB 64-65. Tall long frame. good smooth mechanics.
BrettCookMidwest Irish 16U2023FB 72-75, CB 60-61 Works well down hill. comes out of the hand nicly. Good mechanics. “very solid” from site scout. Sharpe tight break on CB.
GarrettBenkoMidwest Irish 16U2023Fb 79-82, CB 72-74. Good frame, solid mechianics. Ball comes out of hand well. CB has good bite to it.
BlakeWelchPeak Select 16U2023FB 78-80. Good hight and size to him. smooth with zip out of the hand and good extension. Fb seems to run back to be a strike on the corner.
LayneHolmesTop Tier Michigan Baseball2023FB 77-81, CB 67-69. Athletic build and body. good mechanis, arm gets through nicely. Cb had some buckel to it.
IsaacFranklinFort Wayne Reds2023
TylorMorehouseDetroit Crush – 15U2024
TylerCherry15u Indiana Twins2024FB 75-79, CB 59-63. Good athletic body in a tall frame. ball comes out with some zip and ball sees to have good arm side run.
MacKadeTislow15u Indiana Twins2024FB 75-78, CB 60-66. Smaller frame but has some bite to CB and life to FB esspecially beign a 15 yr old.
LandenBasey15u Indiana Twins2025FB 76-79. Smaller athletic stature. Uses all of his body to throw. mechanically sound. ball has some life to it.
ChaseBays16U-Blue LandsharksFB 74-76, Topped 80. CB 65. Sort arm action. gets it thgouth quic kand ball comes out of the hand well. NO NO. 5IP, 3BB, 0H
EliMathewsBarnstormersFB 80-83,Topped 85 CB 70-72, CH 78, long athletic body. gets out in front well. uses legs well. snaps arm through as the ball comes out of the hand nicley.
NathanPowersArsnel USA (OHIO)FB 79-81 CB 71, Controled wind up, with good seperation. can see some good arm action coming through.
AdamSadlerArsnel USA (OHIO)FB 77-81, CB -68, SL-72. TIGHT SPIN on off speed. Good action, buckling batter. Good arms side run on Fb as well.
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